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TheraSilver® Labs Advanced Colloidal Silver (ACS 225) AMAZON LIGHTNING DEAL!

TheraSilver® Labs Advanced Colloidal Silver (ACS 225) AMAZON LIGHTNING DEAL!

Price: $44.99
(as of May 01,2018 14:35:03 UTC – Details)

TheraSilver Labs Has A Deep History With Shoppers. We Have Been Here Since 2014 And Our Reviews Are Top Notch As We Only Create Perfection! The Particle Size Of Colloidal Silver Is Indicated By Its Color. We Have 14 Years Of Hard Work And Research In Our Flagship Product ACS 225! This Product Began With A Dark-Amber Color Indicating Larger Than Desired Nanoparticles Of Elemental Silver. Approximately 2 Years After This Top Rated And Top Selling Product Was Released, We Developed A Proprietary Technique To Reduce The Silver Particle Size To An Incredibly Safe And Effective 10 Nanometers Which Was A Spectacular Improvement, And The Color Became Yellow Which Indicates Smaller Elemental Particles. Because TheraSilver Amber Was So Well Known, We Left The Name Alone, Even Though It Became More Yellow Than Amber! The Ultimate Elemental Silver Particles (not ions) Are In The 1-2 Nanometer Diameter Range. Visit The Manufacturer’s Website Visible On The Product Photograph To Learn More About This Transformation. We Have Been Outspoken About High ppm Products And Their Dangers. The Only Way Dishonest Companies Could Cheat To Get High Readings Was To Adulterate Weak Clear Silver With Thickeners Like Gelatin And Miralax! Rest Assured Our Labeling Is Completely Honest With Nothing Present Except Crystal Clear Water Infused With A Healthy And Safe Concentration Of The Purest Silver. Nothing Else Whatsoever Is Present In This Product. This Is A Maximum Strength And Ultra Safe Silver Product. 14 Years Of Hard Work Have Yielded This Perfect Silver Product!Crystal Clear And Perfectly Safe 225 ppm Colloidal Silver Produced With Extremely High Voltage Alternating Current – No Other Manufacturer Has This Technology Yet
ACS 225 Represents The 3rd Generation True Colloidal Silver By Trusted TheraSilver Labs. It Is Better In Every Way Than The Inferior Amber And Yellow Products It Replaced
This Is Not An Ionic Product. It Is Rich With Elemental Nanoparticles. Our High Voltage Creates Silver Plasma, A Process That Releases Elemental Silver Into Perfect Lab Grade Deionized Water
Our 225 ppm Silver Is Almost Tasteless! Any 10 ppm Silver Product Which Is Ionic Has A Much Stronger Taste And Stronger After Taste
Please Sample 1-2 Clear Silver Products Before Choosing This Product That Will Become Part Of Your Life!

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