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Stylus Pen, F-color Tablet Stylus Black Ink 2 in 1 Ultralight iPhone Touch Pen and Ballpoi…

Stylus Pen, F-color Tablet Stylus Black Ink 2 in 1 Ultralight iPhone Touch Pen and Ballpoi...

Price: $6.99
(as of Apr 25,2018 17:34:42 UTC – Details)

Dual Design both Capacitive Stylus Pen and Ballpoint Pen into one!
F-color selects the universal capacitive stylus with ballpoint pen elaborately for Touch Screen. It applies the premium rubber tip technology which supports sensitive and smooth touching, but also soft to protect the screen against scratches or any damage.
Feature and Instruction:
1) Twisting the barrel to retract ballpoint pen for using, twisting back to recede it, safe to carry in your pocket. It is convenient to take note without a pen cap.
2) The ballpoint pen is Black Ink which flows smoothly even when creating line without stuttering perfectly!
3) The premium Rubber Tip is Sensitive to get device response promptly only requires gentle click on touching screen, instead of excessive pressure or several attempts to click for action. This advantage protects screen against scratch or any damage to the screen.
3) The black band is Rubber Grip which is Comfortable enough for Gripping!
4) This stylus is designed with ballpoint pen and a smart Clip. The Smart Clip is portable to Hook on your pocket, notebook, case pocket etc. You can image that how fantastic when stylus pen like assistance help you work on touch-screen device and take notes on notebook at the same time! Hesitate? To own one at once!
Various colors are available to appeal to different people, Or be ready in the office, briefcase or wherever, or gie as a gift.
Note: Since the resolution ratio of each monitor is different, color of stylus may slightly vary from image on monitor, please refer to the item you receive actually.

100% compatible stylus pen with all capacitive touch screen devices. Such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy
Multiple-design with capacitive stylus pen and ballpoint pen as one object, using for writing on paper and clicking on touch screen. Ultralight with a clip for convenient storage in your pocket, book or diary
Premium rubber tip for sensitive touching and Slip smoothly as finger touch; Soft to protect your screen against fingerprints and scratches
Considerable size tablet stylus for holding harmoniously, fashionable colors, perfect as gift for friends as well as yourself
5 colors are selected elaborately for you, 1 piece per color. Colorful stylus pens using in turn, colorful life turning around the corner

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