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Hurricane Florence Live Feed

Here at we usually bring you the best deals and discounts, but in cases of national news and awareness sometimes we actually do post about news items. Below is a live feed of hurricane Florence as it makes landfall. Enjoy and be safe if you live in the effected areas. 

Hurricane Florence may be weakening a little, but it could still be devastating for parts of the US East Coast. You can track the storm’s blustery arrival on an livecam that’s broadcasting from a frightening offshore vantage point near Cape Fear, North Carolina.

Warning: Turn down the volume before you hit play. The winds are crazy-loud.

The camera is attached to the Frying Pan Tower, 34 miles (55 kilometers) off the coast of Cape Fear. The tower once acted as a Coast Guard Light Station, but is now privately owned. The cape is squarely in Florence’s projected path.

The live video feed shows a corner of the tower and an American flag getting absolutely blasted by the leading edge of the hurricane, which is expected to linger along the coast into the weekend.

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